PTP - Polskie Towarzystwo Prywatyzacyjne sp. z o.o. is present on the Polish market since 1993. It operates in financial advisory services sector, investment brokerage, especially in capital raising, mergers & acquisitions and closed-end investment funds' management. We specialise in Management Buy-Out projects (MBO and LMBO).

PTP was established by PBR (Polish Development Bank), one of the leading banks listed on Polish Stock Exchange and British investment bank Kleinwort-Benson, one of the most renowned European financial institutions with over hundred years' tradition.

Since 1995 for over four years PTP held a function of a fund manager for closed-end investment fund VICTORIA S.A. listed on Polish Stock Exchnage. In this period we made some capital transactions, led many advisory projects and training in restructurisation, enterprise valuations, management accounting systems, budgeting and strategic planning.

PTP cooperates with many famous authorities in finance and law, with experienced managers and specialists, building complete and fully integrated offer for our clients.

Financial advisory services

  • Advisory in creation of take-over strategies, especially in a way of Management Buy-Out and Leveraged Management Buy-Out.
  • Advisory in margers and acquisitions
  • Advisory in restructuring projects (spin-offs, down-sizing)
  • Creation of advanced computer financial medelling systems (long-term planning and yearly budgeting)
  • Enterprise valuation, business-units valuations, and selected assets valuations
  • Training

Investment brokerage

  • We help to raise capital (private equity)
  • Seed capital raising - the capital needed to start enterprise or to expand existing enterprise activity to other sector
  • Development capital - funds for existing companies that have a significant growth potential raised in a way of private placement
  • Funds for MBO transactions
  • Seeking and acquiring strategic investors for companies which shares belong to financial institutions

Investment activity

  • PTP as a leading adviser in investement projects is open for co-investing together with other financial/strategic investors